Course Description

The Bachelor of Psychological Science is designed to prepare graduates to embark on a career in psychology and related professions. This degree is accredited with the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). Upon graduation, students intending to become psychologists can apply to continue their studies in one of our APAC accredited fourth-year programs: Graduate Diploma of Psychology or Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours). Alternatively, you may wish to pursue a career in a related profession. FedUni psychology staff pride themselves on maintaining an active and engaged presence with their students, as demonstrated by our number 1 ranking for student support from psychology graduates across all Victorian public universities in the 2018 QILT rankings. The Bachelor of Psychological Science provides you with a strong foundation of fundamental knowledge, theory, and understanding of different aspects of psychology. . Our study options and smaller class sizes provide the opportunity to learn, develop, and apply a host of transferable skills that will be valuable in your professional and personal lives, including communication skills, research skills, and high level of problem solving and critical thinking skills. Throughout your degree you will have the opportunity to explore a range of subjects which examine complexities of human thought and behaviour, including developmental psychology, cognitive psychology, social psychology, abnormal psychology, and personality. You will also have the option of broadening the scope of your studies through your chosen electives.  Career options for Bachelor of Psychological Science graduates include work in community welfare and case management, business and industry, youth and family support, the criminal justice system, marketing, and research. Following further study you can join other FedUni graduates as registered psychologists who work in one of the many specialist psychology areas, including clinical, clinical-neuro, community, counselling, developmental, forensic, health, organisational, sport and academic psychology.

Graduate Rating

Graduates of Psychology undergraduate courses at Federation University Australia rated their degrees as follows:

Teaching quality: 58.6% (national average 63.6%)
Improved skills: 75.9% (national average 84.4%)
Overall satisfaction: 69.0% (national average 81.0%)

The ratings above refer to the proportion of surveyed graduates who agreed with the statement about their undergraduate degree from Federation University Australia. You can find out more about these results here.

Employment Outcomes

Graduates of Psychology undergraduate courses at Federation University Australia had the following employment outcomes:

Employed full time: (national average 58.9%)
Studying full time: 38.5% (national average 37.3%)
Median full time salary: (national average $55,000)

You can find out more about employment outcome results here.

Entry Requirements