Course Description

The Chief of Defence Force Students Program in Engineering offers the opportunity for students entering UNSW Canberra with a high Entrance Rank, and who maintain a high level of performance in their studies, to undertake research in a range of disciplines that will develop their critical thinking and independent research skills beyond that available in the standard Engineering program.

In Year 1 of the program, students will be engaged with cohort activities so as to develop and maintain their interest and continuing involvement in the program via invited lectures, seminars, general reading and social events. Commencing in Year 2, the research projects, each offered as separate courses, will be supervised by academic staff from the same or closely related discipline. Students in the research courses may work independently or as part of a team, depending on the nature of the project undertaken, though all students will submit individual assessment. Final assessment, due by the end of session, will be based on a written paper and an oral presentation.

The Program is of three years duration, and is awarded as a pass degree. There is provision for students who have completed the BTech to upgrade it to a BE degree in Aeronautical Engineering by undertaking at least 18 months further study at a later stage.

The BTech (Aero) (CDF) program is very similar to the first three years of the BE(Aero) (CDF) program. The BTech (Aero) (CDF) is primarily designed for RAAF Officer Cadets who intend to become aircrew and wish to enhance their understanding of the operation and performance of aircraft. The program extends the educational principles embodied in the BTech to a higher level of the degree. In the program, students will be exposed in first year to research methods in Engineering and will be offered significant extensions to the ideas and analysis performed in the standard degree program. This will allow them to undertake research projects, at the appropriate level, in their later years, thereby, more fully integrating research into the standard undergraduate degree.


3 years full time,

Graduate Rating

Graduates of Engineering undergraduate courses at University of New South Wales (UNSW) rated their degrees as follows:

Teaching quality: 45.8% (national average 48.3%)
Improved skills: 82.6% (national average 83.1%)
Overall satisfaction: 74.3% (national average 74.4%)

The ratings above refer to the proportion of surveyed graduates who agreed with the statement about their undergraduate degree from University of New South Wales (UNSW). You can find out more about these results here.

Employment Outcomes

Graduates of Engineering undergraduate courses at University of New South Wales (UNSW) had the following employment outcomes:

Employed full time: 81.1% (national average 76.8%)
Studying full time: 7.7% (national average 13.7%)
Median full time salary: $64,000 (national average $63,000)

You can find out more about employment outcome results here.

Course codes

University of New South Wales (UNSW) Code: 4468

Entry Requirements

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