Course Description

A nutritionist has the expertise to provide a range of evidence-based nutrition services related to nutrition, public health nutrition, policy and research, and community health.

The Bachelor of Nutrition Science will provide innovative and entrepreneurial ideas on how to develop a career in nutrition and how to create your own opportunities within your community from local, national and global perspectives.

Learn to create, plan and communicate high quality healthcare and health research and learn about the psychology behind health and lifestyle choices of communities that impact their connection to food. You will also learn about the security and access to food, and the social responsibility of a nutritionist.

This course also provides clear career pathways for graduates seeking employment or postgraduate study in the area of Nutrition and Dietetics to deliver a high quality health service in a variety of settings.

Tuition Fees

International Students: $28,950 per year full-time


3 years full time,

Starting dates


Graduate Rating

Graduates of Health Services & Support undergraduate courses at University of Tasmania rated their degrees as follows:

Teaching quality: 61.0% (national average 66.3%)
Improved skills: 79.8% (national average 83.1%)
Overall satisfaction: 78.8% (national average 80.2%)

The ratings above refer to the proportion of surveyed graduates who agreed with the statement about their undergraduate degree from University of Tasmania. You can find out more about these results here.

Employment Outcomes

Graduates of Health Services & Support undergraduate courses at University of Tasmania had the following employment outcomes:

Employed full time: 85.5% (national average 70.8%)
Studying full time: 22.2% (national average 25.6%)
Median full time salary: $80,000 (national average $59,000)

You can find out more about employment outcome results here.

Course codes

University of Tasmania Code: 53H

Entry Requirements

If you're interested in studying the Bachelor of Nutrition Science you’ll need to meet the following requirements:

If you've just finished school

An ATAR score of 65 or higher, and have completed one of the following pre-requisite science or mathematics subjects (or equivalent) at AQF level 3:

  • Biology TQA3 (BIO315109)
  • Chemistry TQA3 (CHM315109)
  • Mathematics Applied TQC3 (MTA315109)
  • Mathematics Methods TQA3 (MTM315109)
  • Mathematics Specialised TQA3 (MTS315109)
  • Physics TQA3 (PHY315109)
  • Physical Sciences (PSC315114)
  • Sports Science TQA3(SPT315108)

If you're a mature age student

You will need to meet the following: