Course Description

The Bachelor of Information Technology (Honours) is for students who have an undergraduate degree in Information Technology, or equivalent, and who wish to undertake a research project as part of an add-on Honours year.

This degree is highly sought after in industry and provides an excellent pathway to a PhD.

This degree

This degree combines 30 credit points of 400-level coursework and an 18 credit point research project. The 400-level coursework is intended to give students a background in Information Technology similar to that found in a Masters degree.

What you will study

The research project allows students to identify a viable research problem, design an appropriate methodology to achieve the objectives of the project, follow the methodology to gather and analyse data to satisfy the objectives, and to write the whole as a comprehensive research report or thesis.

The UOW Honours website provides lots of useful information including research opportunities, scholarships and application procedures.


1 year full time, 2 years part time

Graduate Rating

Graduates of Computing & Information Systems undergraduate courses at University of Wollongong (UOW) rated their degrees as follows:

Teaching quality: 50.5% (national average 58.7%)
Improved skills: 76.8% (national average 77.3%)
Overall satisfaction: 78.8% (national average 75.3%)

The ratings above refer to the proportion of surveyed graduates who agreed with the statement about their undergraduate degree from University of Wollongong (UOW). You can find out more about these results here.

Employment Outcomes

Graduates of Computing & Information Systems undergraduate courses at University of Wollongong (UOW) had the following employment outcomes:

Employed full time: 82.6% (national average 71.2%)
Studying full time: 9.4% (national average 11.7%)
Median full time salary: $55,100 (national average $58,700)

You can find out more about employment outcome results here.

Course codes

CRICOS Code: 064124C
University of Wollongong (UOW) Code: 1811

Entry Requirements

To qualify for entry into Honours, students must have qualified at this University for a Bachelor degree with an average of at least 75% across the major (or majors) in which the Honours degree will be