Course Description

Improve your English-language skills to gain employment with a Certificate IV in EAL (Employment / Professional) at Victoria University Polytechnic.

This course is designed for people learning English as an Additional Language (EAL). You will develop English-language speaking, listening, reading, writing and learning skills for employment.

You will also develop skills to:

  • practise complex conversations for employment
  • present and undestand complex presentations in a workplace or professional role
  • give and follow a range of complex instructions in a workplace
  • collect, analyse, and present workplace data and information
  • read and write formal letters and other professional documents
  • read, write and edit complex information for professional work
  • design and produce business documents
  • lead helpful workplace relationships.

On completion of this course, you will be confident communicating in workplace situations.

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0.5 years full time,

Graduate Rating

Graduates of Humanities, Culture & Social Sciences undergraduate courses at Victoria University (VU) rated their degrees as follows:

Teaching quality: 87.5% (national average 75.7%)
Improved skills: 86.4% (national average 83.3%)
Overall satisfaction: 81.8% (national average 85.4%)

The ratings above refer to the proportion of surveyed graduates who agreed with the statement about their undergraduate degree from Victoria University (VU). You can find out more about these results here.

Employment Outcomes

Graduates of Humanities, Culture & Social Sciences undergraduate courses at Victoria University (VU) had the following employment outcomes:

Employed full time: 46.2% (national average 61.3%)
Studying full time: 31.2% (national average 32.0%)
Median full time salary: (national average $55,000)

You can find out more about employment outcome results here.

Course codes

Victoria University (VU) Code: 22490VIC

Entry Requirements

Entry in to 22490VIC Certificate IV in EAL (Employment / Professional) must be determined according to the following criteria:r>- a participant’s current English language skills. (The Listening and Speaking and Reading and Writing units in the Framework will provide the basis for initial assessment processes and placement of participants at the appropriate proficiency level),r>- a participant’s prior formal education experience, both overseas and in Australia,r>- any prior EAL learning, and,r>- a participant’s learning and pathway needs including employability skills, literacies (digital and other literacies), and further educational and vocational training needs.